Requesting a license key renewal or extension


This article aims to describe the process of how to renew a license when your license is close to expiry or is already expired. The expired license message you receive is "You are using an unlicensed and unsupported version of Evoq. Please contact for information on how to obtain a valid license." 



When the Evoq License expires, the websites will stop working. The website will show an error saying "You are using an unlicensed and unsupported version of Evoq" (see below).


This will block out all the functionality of Evoq, hence you will not be able to update the site.



When your license is expiring or you have received an alert that your license is close to expiry, you must contact DNN Support immediately.

  1. Please provide the Support Team with the following information:
    • Company Name:
    • Send notification email to:
    • Old expiration date:
    • New Expiration Date:
    • Product covered (Editions):
    • Licenses keys to be extended:
    • Further details or additional comments:
    • Invoice attachment:
  2. Set the DNN Component to Licensing - Quotes and Renewals or License Generation/Update.
  3. Once we have the following information, the Sales / Renewals team will reach out to you with an update.



Activate the license once again to see if the license has been updated.


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  • Avatar
    Sean Pham

    I have been assigned for future DNN license renewal.  Is there someone I can talk to regarding DNN license?  Our license is expiring in a few months and I need to document the process of renewing license.  Also we have non-production servers that are currently using the same license number.  We have more questions regarding license so I would really appreciated if we can talk to one of your rep or technical advisor.

    Thank you,

    Sean Pham

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  • Avatar
    Chan Lee Chuen

    Dear Sean,

    Good day.

    Please contact our DNN support, Leo Toh <> and he should be able to provide technical details.

    Do put me in the loop for all communications.

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  • Avatar
    Chan Lee Chuen

    Dear Sean,

    May I know the status of the communications, is there anything I can help?




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