Redirecting Slug values for Liquid Content Visualizers


This article aims to how to set redirection for Slug URL values for detail visualizers. Slug value redirection occurs when a user changes the slug value from its original value and the application creates a redirection from the old value to the new slug value.





Similar to how page redirections work in page management, slug value redirection works in the same fashion.

  1. You are able to change the slug value by going to Content > Content Library > Content Tab > Browse to the specific content item > SEO Tab > Modify the slug in the slug text box.

    Content item Slug settings
  2. This value is stored in the StructuredContent_Visualizers_SlugRedirections table.
  3. The new slug value is only created in the database once the old slug value has been browsed by a user.

slug value redirection SQL table



You can test the slug redirection by:

  1. Validate that the slug value is in the database. SELECT * FROM StructuredContent_Visualizers_SlugRedirections WHERE RedirectTo= 'NEWSLUGNAME'
  2. Login to the site and access the URL that was originally used as the slug value.
  3. You should be redirected to the new slug that was defined.


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