Filtering Visualizer tag contents when a comma is present


This article aims to resolve the issue where content items will not filter with the visualizer tags when a comma is present inside the tag. Visualizer tags are required to categorize Liquid Content Items but due to a bug in the product code, visualizer tags cannot be filtered.





While accessing the visualizer settings and a tag with a comma is added such as "Cats, Dogs, and Birds". The tag is added successfully, but if you were to filter the content items through visualizer tags, the content items that were tagged with the mentioned tag would not appear in the search filter.




The solution to this issue is to upgrade your environment to a new version of DNN (9.3.4) as this issue has been identified as a bug and was resolved by the Engineering team. You can find the latest upgrade packages here.



The content should now be filtered with tags inside them. Try to filter content with a comma in the tags.

  1. Go to Content > Content Library > Content tab
  2. Click the Pencil icon for the specific Content Item


  3. Add a comma in the tags such as "test,testing" in the tags section. Please refer to the image in the Diagnosis section.
  4. Try filtering the content items in test,testing by going into Visualizer and enter the tag in the Filter By text area.


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