Adding more than one module at a time without saving or publishing


This article aims to resolve issues regarding page versioning where you cannot add more than one module at a time without saving or publishing. If you were to add more than one module at the same time, you would not be able to publish the page until the page is refreshed.





This issue has been identified as a bug with the core product code. To reproduce this issue, the following steps are performed:

1) Add a new page with the default theme and Direct Publish workflow.
2) Edit the page.2020-03-25_1234.png
3) Click on the A icon on the LEFTPANE content pane. An HTML module appears.
4) Click on the A icon on the RIGHTPANE content page. 
5) Click on the Add module icon on the edit bar and select HTML Pro.

The application would not allow you to add an additional module without publishing the page.



This behaviour has been observed in versions before 9.3.1 and has been fixed in 9.3.1.

To permanently resolve this issue, you must upgrade your environment with the latest Evoq installation packages.



Try to add more than one module at a time without publishing the page, this should be allowed after upgrading. To do so:

  1. Access any page with Administrator access
  2. Perform the same steps in the Diagnosis section.

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    Donaven Staab

    Hey Tony

    We're starting to have issues with module settings being inaccessible on newly built pages.  We're on Evoq Content 9.2.2.  I'm guessing that an update might fix this issue too?  Thoughts? Thanks fo your time and assistance.  Hope you're doing well.

    Donaven Staab

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