Error: "License activation failed" or "Activation request invalid."


When activating your license on a new instance of Evoq, you may encounter an error telling you that your production license is already in use, or that the activation request was invalid.

Evoq licenses are provisioned for a specific number of currently-active production instances. This error can occur if try to activate a new production instance of Evoq while all of your license activations are currently in use. This can also occur when a new production instance is being set up while the old one is still occupying the license activation.





The issue occurs when you try to activate your license in your DNN environment and receive an error "License activation failed. Production activation for ## in use."

There are a couple reasons on why this error is generated:

  1. You are trying to activate a production license that has already been activated previously due to a migration to a new server. There is an active license in another environment in the system, the system prevents users from activating the license more than the activations that they are allotted.

  2. You are trying to activate a renewed license and the renew button does not work. There are no remaining activations because the license has already been activated on the environment but is expired.

License activation error, production license in use



To resolve this issue, you must:

  1. Delete the license from the server that it was originally activated from by going into Settings > About > Click the delete icon beside the license, this will, in turn, provide an additional activation to the production license which will make it ready for activation.
    •  Versions before Evoq 9
      1. While logged in as "Host", go to Host > Advanced Settings (double-gear tab) > License Management.
      2. Delete the license from the list by clicking the trash icon.
    • Versions after Evoq 9
      1. While logged in as "Host", go to Settings > About.
      2. Delete the license from the list by clicking the trash icon.
  2. If the above does not work, you will need to contact the DNN Support team or submit a ticket to DNN support regarding your issues.

If you are submitting a ticket to Support, please provide the following information:

  • License Number:
  • Reason for reactivation:

License activation error, production license in use



Try the license activation once again by accessing the license management menu in Settings > About > Add License and the activation should be successful.








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