"License activation failed. Production activation for … is in use" Error While Activating License


When activating your license on a new instance of Evoq, you may encounter an error telling you that your production license is already in use. Because of the error, you cannot apply or re-apply the production license on a new server.

License activation error, production license in use



Evoq licenses are provisioned for a specific number of currently-active production instances. If there is an active license in another environment, the system will prevent users from activating the license more than the activations that they are allotted.

There are a few common scenarios where this error is present.

  • You are trying to activate a production license in a new server but the license is still active in the previous instance. This can occur due to a server migration.
  • You are trying to re-activate a renewed license since the renew button does not work. Nevertheless, there are no remaining activations because the license has already been activated on the environment but is expired.

To resolve this problem follow the steps below.

  1. Log in as a superuser to the site where the license was originally activated.
  2. Follow the instructions below depending on your DNN version.
    •  Versions before Evoq 9
      1. Go to Host > Activate your License
      2. Delete the license from the list by clicking the Delete button.
    • Versions after Evoq 9
      1. Go to Settings > About.
      2. Delete the license from the list by clicking the trash icon.


If the issue persists after following the steps above, please Contact Support with the following information.

  • License Number.
  • Reason for reactivation.

<supportagent>To update the activation count follow the instructions in Manually Enabling Activation for a Customer Account</supportagent>



Once the activation count is sorted one, the License Activation process should be complete without any issues.








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