Forcing Bulk Users to Reset Password


Currently, you can reset a user's password, one user at a time. You may want all your users to reset their password the next time they log in to DNN. This article describes the process to force many, or all, users to reset their password.




The UpdatePassword setting in the Users table will essentially force users to reset their password once they log in to the site. After they reset their password, this setting will automatically set itself back to 0.



  1. Access the SQL Server Management Studio. (You may also log in to your DNN instance and navigate to Settings > SQL Console)

  2. Based on your requirement, run one of the following queries.

    • To force all users to reset their password in your environment, run the following query:

      UPDATE Users SET UpdatePassword = 1
    • To force only a particular set of users to update their password, such as only in the scope of a portal, run the following query:

      UPDATE U 
      SET U.UpdatePassword = 1
      FROM dbo.Users AS U
      INNER JOIN dbo.UserPortals AS UP
      ON U.UserID = UP.UserID
      WHERE UP.PortalId = #; /*Replace # with the Portal ID for the specific site*/
  3. Clear the server cache.



Try to login with a user on the portal that you've made the changes on, you should be forced to reset your password upon successful login.



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