Troubleshooting the Blog Module When the All Bloggers Option Does Not Work



In the blog module, when you create a blog and set the option to "All Bloggers," it implies that anyone designated as a blogger can add entries to the blog. This is not the case for Evoq 9.3.4 or below.

  • All Bloggers: Any user who can blog can publish blog entries to a blog with the Visibility set to "All Bloggers." The person publishing the entry is credited as the author.



Steps to Replicate


  1. Log in as a user with blogger rights in the blog module permission settings. 
  2. Create a blog and select "Public" for the Visibility and "All Bloggers" for the Authoring Mode.


  1. Create an entry. 
  2. Log in as a different user with the same blogger rights.

    You will see you cannot add an entry to the blog created with the first user, even though the blog Visibility was set to "All Bloggers."



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The fix for this issue has been released on DNN version 9.3.5. 

  • It is recommended to upgrade your DNN to the latest version to receive the fix for this issue and all other available improvements.
  • For detailed information on each release, please review our release notes page.


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