Disabling English Language From UI by Accessing the Database


You cannot disable the English language using the DNN UI since it is the system language by default. However, it is possible to disable it by accessing the database.

This article shares the process of disabling the English language from the database for users who would like the entire environment in a different language.

Important: Test these steps in a development environment and back up your database before performing these actions in your production environment.



  1. Log into your DNN instance as an administrator.
  2. Disable Content Localization and select a different language as the Default Portal Language (Site Default).
  3. Locate the Portal ID by following these steps:
    1. Go to Settings > SQL Console
    2. Run the query:  SELECT * FROM PortalAlias
    3. Note the Portal ID value for your HTTP Alias.


  4. Remove the Language ID (the ID for English in default installations is 1) by following these steps:
    1. Go to Settings > SQL Console
    2. Run this query to gather IDs of all available languages: SELECT * FROM Languages


    3. Run this query for the Language ID of en-US/English (United States): DELETE FROM PortalLanguage WHERE PortalID =  <enter value from step 3c> and LanguageID = <enter value of en-US from step 4b>
      • For example, DELETE FROM PortalLanguage WHERE PortalID =  1 and LanguageID = 1


  5. (Optional) It might also be necessary to remove the Portal Alias for the default language/culture if it is still present on the UI. Run this query to perform this action: DELETE FROM PortalAlias WHERE PortalID = <enter value from step 3c> and CultureCode = 'en-US'
    • For example, DELETE FROM PortalAlias WHERE PortalID = 1 and CultureCode = 'en-US'



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