Applying module permissions in HTML Pro Modules in Localized Environments


Role permissions are not applied when adding HTML Pro modules in localized environments and copying them to other cultures/countries.



Follow these steps to reproduce this issue:

  1. Log into your DNN instance.
  2. Click Edit on a page.
  3. Click Add Module.
  4. Click HTML Pro.


  5. Enter the name of the module. 
  6. Go to the Permissions tab.
  7. Click Select Role and choose an option using the drop-down menu.
  8. Click Add.
  9. Assign 'View' permission to the role selected in step #7, as seen in the example screenshot below.
  10. Click Update.


  11. Go to Page Settings.
  12. Go to the Localization tab.
  13. Find the added module and check the "Copy Module" checkbox to copy it to other cultures/countries.
  14. Click Update Localization to save the changes.


  15. Go to the Permissions tab. It is observed here that your selected role (from step #7) does not have the 'View' permission, as seen in the example screenshot below.




This issue was resolved in a later DNN release. Download Evoq 9.4.2 or later from the DNN Portal and follow these upgrade instructions to resolve this issue.



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