Adding New Module Tag Values in Evoq 9+


Appending module tags in Evoq 9+ can be difficult as you can only choose from a dropdown list and cannot add new tags to the list.



You need an administrator or SuperUser account for the site to be able to perform the steps outlined in this article. Administrators and higher have full permissions to the specific site.



The description of Tags on the Module settings identifies a drop-down menu, which means that users are presented with a list of tag values from which to choose.



Because it is a drop-down menu, users do not have the option of typing into the field and creating new values for module tags that might be more appropriate than the presented tag values. This list of values is populated from the PAGETAGS vocabulary (PB > SETTINGS > Vocabularies > PAGETAGS). Therefore, we need to approach the process of creating new module values by updating the list of tag values in PAGETAGS.




There are two ways to add new values to the PAGETAGS vocabulary:

Solution 1: Edit the Tags field in the page settings

  1. You can edit the Tags field in the page settings (and not the module settings).
    • Content > Pages > Details > Tags2020-05-18_1618.png

The page settings' Tags fields are different and let the user enter new values, which end up in the PAGETAGS vocabulary.

For more information on modifying page settings, including the Tags field values, please see the article on Creating and Modifying Pages.


Solution 2: Adding New Tag Values Manually in the Vocabularies Panel

  1. Navigate to Persona Bar > SETTINGS > Vocabularies.

  2. Click on the Create New Vocabulary button.


  3. Create a new vocabulary with the name PAGETAGS. For more information on this process, please refer to the article on Creating a Vocabulary.

  4. In this new vocabulary, click on Add Term, adding the desired terms using the process detailed in the article on Adding a Term to a Vocabulary.




  1. Click on settings for any module for which you need to add Tags.

  2. Click on the Tags field. A list should appear for you similar to the one presented below.




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