Setting password expiry time for security compliance


Your security policies may require that your registered users change their passwords on set intervals. DNN has a built-in security tool to allow you to implement this policy quickly and easily.


  1. Login to your DNN site as a Super User
  2. On the Persona Bar, click on Settings (gear icon) > Security.
  3. Click on Member Accounts tab.
  4. Look for the Password Expiry (In Days) field. 
    • It is set to 0 by default, which means passwords never expire
    • Set the field to the desired value, e.g. 60 or 90
  5. Click Save



Users with passwords older than the expiry date should be prompted to reset their password on next login. You can choose an older account to test with, as reset timing is based on the value in the SQL column aspnet_Membership.lastPasswordChangedDate, not on the date the setting was turned on.



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