Searching Publisher Posts Throws a 403 Exception for Azure Asset


There is an issue where using the search bar to search for publisher posts will return a 403 for the thumbnails if the thumbnail URL contains the percent (%) symbol for Azure assets.



  • Evoq Content/Engage 9.3.0.
  • Thumbnail must be an Azure Asset.


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This is a known bug with the code in the Evoq Content/Engage 9.3.0 version. This is due to the URL being encoded. If the signature query string originally contained a percent (%) symbol, the URL is encoded as '%25' which ends up breaking the signature for the Azure asset in an azure storage folder and returns a 403 exception.

To reproduce this issue, you must:

  1. Go to the page where your Publisher module has been deployed.
  2. Search for a post where you've used an Azure asset as a thumbnail.
  3. The post should return a 403.



The solution is to upgrade your environment to Evoq 9.4.



To confirm the resolution of this issue:

  • You should be able to search for posts in the publisher module and view the returned posts with functional thumbnails without any errors being generated by following the steps in the Diagnosis section.




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