Integrating DNN Forms With a CRM


Using DNN Forms, you can integrate a third-party CRM to store the submitted Form responses data for your records. 




To obtain the information from the answers in the forms, it is recommended to use the Custom URL option in Forms Configuration > Data Collection. This way, the information will not only be stored in the microservices in DNN but can also be sent to your web service where the CRM can obtain these details.

Please note that this would work for all future responses. In the case of existing responses, they would have to be manually added to your webservice using the API with the temporary Token, or through the CSV that can be downloaded from the application.

  • The temporary token can be grabbed by seeing the request made by the search engine when visiting the Forms menu in the form of a bearer token.

The way the Custom URL works is that every time a form is completed, a POST request will be sent with the response data to the specified URL. The body of this request will contain the details of the form, such as templateid, formid, and other fields.

  • For example, this is the content of the POST request in a simple way that contains fields such as name, email, and file.


  • Once we sort the values, it would look like this.

    formTemplateId = 18870250-d5f2-43aa-bfe6-784e6be9da8a
    formResponseId = 662b7098-ad89-424d-ba4e-2266778ba02e
    a4b1fa28-7a3c-aff5-eb4b-495681edbfc3 = Test+123
    5866df41-0b11-c379-9f4a-34a34c483328 =
    c2c9bc24-daed-e01b-ddac-ffaf447444ad = ~|~ test.PNG,


As you can see, the fields are referred to by their GUID and not by their label/name to ensure they are unique.

With this method, it will be possible to save all the data in a separate service and use this as a means for the CRM to access the data.

  • In case the integration must also be so that the CRM can create forms, the embed option can be used to add the form to the CRM, or make an implementation in the CRM so that when the form is sent it will make the POST a / forms / API / FormResponsesPublic with the details of the form.


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