Enabling the File Upload Function in CKEditor


By default, CKEditor only allows administrators to upload files via CKEditor. The following steps will guide users in enabling the option for other role types as well as allowing the uploads to be placed in public asset folders. 


Requirements: SuperUser/Host Access

1. Make sure that the advanced editor is set to show all options

2. Log in to your DNN instance with your SuperUser/Host account. 

3. Go to Settings > Site Settings.


4. Click on the Site Behavior tab.

5. Click on the More sub-tab.

6. Click on Open HTML Editor Manager.


7. In the HTML Editor Manager screen, click on the File Browser Settings tab and check off the roles you want to allow to upload files. Then click Save.


NOTE: The following steps are to allow users to upload assets to shared folders instead of their personal user folders. 

9. Go to Persona Bar > Content > Assets.

10. Find the folder that you want to allow uploading to and click on the edit (pencil) icon.


11. Click on the Permissions tab and use the shown checkboxes to grant permission as needed then click Save


12. Validate the fix by having a non-admin user login and open CKEditor. They should be able to upload files to the approved shared asset folders. 



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