Unable to crawl for XLSX file contents from Search Bar


Environment: DNN version 9.1.1

The default settings for the DNN Search bar is not crawling XLSX files and other Office extensions (like PPTX and DOCX). When a user types in a keyword, it’s not searching inside *.xlsx files for those keywords. It only pulls up if the researched keyword is in the file name.


Please follow these steps to confirm your Content Crawling is affected:

  1. Navigate to Persona Bar > Site Settings.
  2. Click Search tab and then File Extensions subtab.
  3. The XLSX extension is found as an unknown file type for crawlings.


Follow these steps to resolve the problem:

  1. Install the Microsoft Office Filters.
    • Download and launch the file on this page to install the Filter pack.
  2. Reload the File Search Crawler job.
    • Go to Persona Bar > Scheduler > Select File Crawler > Task history > Run Now.

Validation: Go back to the Search bar and run a search for a known pattern inside an XLSX file. The crawler should be able to find it now.






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