Importing or Exporting hangs at Submitted Status


The Import/Export feature doesn't complete the task. it stays in Submitted status.

Environment: Evoq Engage 9.1.1

Requirements: An Evoq Engage 9.1.1 installed version

Root Cause: The task gets stuck cause there is more than 1 server in the list and the task cannot decide in which server is going to run.


  1. Go to Settings > Scheduler option > Scheduler Tab > Site Import/Export task
  2. Click on the Pencil. 
  3. Disable the task and save the action by clicking on the Update button. (refer to the picture below) 
  4. Go to Settings > Server Settings > Web Servers (Check that there is only one server listed in the webservers, as you can see in the picture) 
    • If there is more than one server, please disable all the other servers, or delete the webservers you are not using.
    • Clear the cache and restart the Application.
    • Clear the Browser's cache. (Hard reload if possible)
    • Open the site again and re-enable the Site Import/Export task. (The one that we disabled in step 3)
    • Click on Run Now on the Site Import/Export task. 
    • Check the Clock, marked in the green circle in the above image and check that the task is working. (It is going to take a few seconds/minutes to appear in the tasks, depending on the size of the site)
    • Once you confirmed the task is running, go to Site Import/export feature.
    • You will be able to see the word Completed once it finishes. 


You should be able to do an export/import without any issue.

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Content Author: Xavier Villarroel



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