Configuring Appearance of Pages


Site admins can manage the appearance of pages by changing the page template or by adjusting its theme, layout, or style. 





Follow these steps to configure the appearance settings of an existing page:

  1. Go to Persona Bar > Content > Pages.


  2. Click the gear icon for the page.

  3. Go to Advanced > APPEARANCE.


  4. Configure settings as described below:

    Field Description
    Page Theme Choose from available themes to define the appearance settings for a page or pages.
    Layout Choose from available layouts.
    Page Container The container to use for all modules in the page. This setting is overridden by the module's container setting if any.
    Page Stylesheet

    The CSS for this page. If blank, a default CSS is used.

    Note: The default CSS used depends on other settings; it might be from the page theme, the site theme, or other CSS defaults.

    Preview Theme Layout and Container If clicked/tapped, all the selected appearance settings are applied to a page in a new browser window or tab.


  5. Click Save.



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