Configuring SEO Settings for Pages


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) settings for pages increases the quantity and quality of traffic to sites through organic search engine results. This article shares the process for DNN admins to adjust the tags, priority and indexing of their pages as part of the SEO configuration. 

Important Note: Only advanced users should modify these settings.



Follow these steps to configure appearance settings of an existing page:

  1. Go to Persona Bar > Content > Pages.


  2. Click the gear icon for the page.

  3. Go to Advanced > S.E.O.

  4. Configure settings as described below:

    Field Description
    Page Header Tags Add HTML <meta> tags to add to the <head> of the page.

    Example: <meta name="keywords" content="CMS, Liquid Content, example">

    Sitemap Priority Set the priority for the page (0 to 1.0; default is 0.5). This value helps search engines to rank the page relative to other pages in the site.

    Allow Indexing

    If enabled (On), the ROBOTS meta tag is set to INDEX to indicate that search engines should index the page; i.e., <meta name="ROBOTS" content="INDEX" />.

    Otherwise, the ROBOTS meta tag is set to NOINDEX, and search engines ignore the page.

  5. Click Save.



Review search results on search engines for keywords indicated in the settings over time to confirm that SEO is performing as intended.

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