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Managing pages is one of the central responsibilities of the site admins. It is essential for admins to have a complete understanding of the functions and advanced settings for pages.

This article shares general information about using the Pages feature within the DNN Persona Bar to control various aspects of pages in sites. 




To start working on pages, go to Persona Bar > Content > Pages.


The Pages feature opens in two window panes as seen above. The left window shows the pages in their hierarchy, while the right window pane shows the possibilities to modify them. Admins can use this place to create new pages or edit existing pages as well as hide, redirectduplicatedelete, restore, or purge them as needed. 

The Localization tab only shows here if content localization is enabled on the site. The other options available are grouped in the following categories: 

  1. Details
  2. Permissions
  3. Advanced




This option shares the necessary information, some of which can be edited. Once a page is modified, the details are updated. The Page Type naming convention on the Details tab has changed terms since older versions, but the functionality is still the same.



This page provides the option of setting permissions for pages by roles and importantly, Copying Permissions to Descendant Pages. This allows admins to set permissions for a parent page and copy it on all children pages. 




Administrators can use this tab to access settings for pages that are not accessible otherwise. For example, the pages that have a broken redirect or are showing a fatal error.

This tab has the following options:

  • MODULES: This is a quick way to access all the module settings on a page. 

  • APPEARANCE: This tab allows admins to specify settings for the visual look of pages with the option to choose from a variety of templates.

  • SEO: This is an advanced option which lets admins add tags and turn on indexing

  • MORE: This tab lets admins edit advanced security and cache settings. Only advanced users should modify these options.  



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