Verify downloads using hashes


For security purposes, DNN provides MD5 hash values on the download pages for DNN Platform and Evoq. Administrators can check the hash values of downloaded files against the values provided by DNN to verify file integrity.

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Download files from the DNN website. For example, open source DNN Platform files are freely available.
  2. Determine the hash value for the file generated by the MD5 algorithm. As an example, in Windows PowerShell, use the following command, replacing [filepath] with the file's location:
    get-filehash -algorithm md5 [filepath]
  3. Compare the hash value from step 2 against the hash value provided on the DNN site.
    • Hash values for DNN Platform files are listed next to the Download buttons on the download page. See below for example.


    • Checksum files for downloadable Evoq packages are located in Additional Resources > Files Hash on the Evoq download page (see below).


If the hash values do not match, report this to as a security concern. If the values do match, you have confirmed the file's integrity and can repeat the process for any other downloads you require.



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