Troubleshooting checklist: Installation


The following is a troubleshooting checklist that should be referenced when facing issues with a new DNN installation. It is broken down into three major sections: Windows Server, database, and installation wizard.

Windows Server

       The version of windows should be Server 2012 or newer

       The ensure the correct installation package was downloaded

       The installation package .zip file was unblocked in the file properties

       The entire archive was extracted successfully

       The correct windows features were enabled

       IIS is functioning as expected (able to browse to the default site)

       The site in IIS points to the folder where the files were extracted

       Which application pool the site is using

       Which identity the application pool is using

       That the application pool identity has modify permission on the folder

       Connect As… is set to the application pool identity

       The site has the correct bindings in IIS

       The site and application pool are both started in IIS

       The application pool has all default settings in basic and advanced.

More details can be found in this article on setting up IIS.


       SQL server is accessible using SSMS

       The database has been created and is named as expected

       The SQL login has been created and the password is confirmed

       SQL server error logs are free from any error messages

       SQL server authentication mode is correct for the login type


       The correct domain was entered, based on the IIS binding

       There are no errors in the browser console

       Alternative browsers can be used if needed

       Clear browser cache

       The correct database settings are entered into the wizard, including database type

       Object qualifier should not be used in most cases



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