Google Analytics fails to collect data


An administrator observes that Google Analytics data has abruptly stopped being collected. Reported traffic has dropped to zero, as shown below.



Possible Root Cause

This can occur if one or more Google Analytics settings have been changed since initial setup, or if the Google Analytics script has been edited. Evoq will not include a Google Analytics script in your site's pages if the script contains invalid values.


  1. Go to Persona Bar > Settings > Connectors.
  2. Under Configure Connections, locate Google Analytics row and click Edit.


  3. Confirm that Account, Web Property, and Profile settings match the Google account you intend to use, the site you intend to collect data for, and the data collection profile you intend to use.


  4. Click the gear icon to access Advanced Settings.


  5. Confirm that Domain Name is set correctly. This setting is used to exclude a domain from being counted as an external referral. Leave this setting blank for Google Analytics to operate without cross-domain tracking. Note that Evoq will not load Google Analytics scripts on your pages if an invalid value is set for Domain Name.


  6. Save after making any changes.
  7. Continue monitoring analytics data to confirm whether Google Analytics scripts have started working again.



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