Disabling Azure blob URLs via Digital Asset Manager


By default, when an Azure folder is set up, the Digital Asset Manager will use Azure blob URLs that look like this: 


Some users, however, may want their asset URLs to use their own domain name in the path as the blob URLs can appear suspicious at first. A domain-based URL will look like this:


The following steps will help users in turning off Azure blob URLs.


Requirements: SuperUser access to the DNN portal

NOTE: The following instructions are for DNN versions prior to 9.0 as the Digital Asset Manager was removed in later releases. 

1. Log in to your DNN instance with SuperUser credentials.

2. Go to Admin > File Management.

3. Click the Edit Page button. 

4. Within the Digital Asset Management module, click on the pencil icon and then Manage Folder Types.


5. On the Folder Type Definitions box that pops up, hover over the Azure folder name and click on the pencil icon to the left. 

6. In the Folder Provider Settingsuncheck Use Direct Link and then click on the Update button.


7. Clear the cache by going to Tools > Clear Cache.

8. Validate the fix by going to Admin > File Management and clicking on the name of a listed asset to open it. If successful, it will use a domain-name-based URL instead of the Azure blob URL. 



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