Download DNN and Evoq installation and upgrade packages


You would like to know where you can download the installation and upgrade packages for DNN / Evoq. You may be looking for this information because you want to upgrade to the latest version.


DNN installation and upgrade packages can be downloaded through the DNN Software website. These installation and upgrade packages are used to install DNN software. Listed below are the two installations and upgrade locations for the free Platform and paid Evoq product.

For DNN Platform (DNN Platform is free, open source),

  1. Go to
  2. Select Download DNN Platform

For Evoq Customers

  1. Go to 
    Note: you will require a login to 
  2. Choose the required version (e.g.: select Evoq | Basic)
  3. To download the latest version, click the New Install or Upgrade button:
  4. To download older versions, select Additional Files | Downloads Archive:
  5. Select the Version (e.g.: select 9.1.1)
  6. Click the required *.zip file to start the download:

    Note: If you are unable to access the download page with valid credentials, please contact support and provide your username

<supportagent>Agents only: To provide user access, follow the guidelines here : Providing a user access to Evoq Downloads </supportagent>



You should receive a download for a zip file, with the name or You can verify that the download is legitimate by looking inside the zip file and the structure should look like below:



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    Mrigank Mishra

    Can we have a list of common issues faced by customers during new installations?

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