Gathering environmental information to evaluate Server-Side Performance


For issues related to performance or slowness with DNN instances, it is important to narrow down the possible causes. This article provides a script to quickly gather a report of site performance improvements that can be made in the environment.





  1. Download the Site_Evaluation.sql file. 

  2. Open SQL Server Management Studio and use the left-hand tree to find your DNN database.

  3. Right-click on the database name and select New Query.


  4. Copy and paste the contents of the Site_Evaluation.sql script into the middle query window and hit F5 to execute. 

  5. Within the query output, you will see a PrintLine, everything below it are the reports for the environment and recommendations on what they "should" be in an optimal environment. 


NOTE: The Site_Evaluation script can also be executed via the DNN UI if SuperUser/Host access is available by copying the script into the script area.

The path to the SQL Console is:

Version 9.0+ - Persona Bar > Settings > SQL Console

Versions prior to 9.0 - Host > Advanced Settings > SQL




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