"No server available to detect" in the Web Server Monitor

Issue Description

Environment: DNN version 8.2.0.

Message No server available to detect is displayed in the Web Server Monitor although it seems to be correctly configured and working fine:

  • The setting “Run on Servers” of the “Web Server Monitor” schedule is properly set to blank.
  • When viewing the log, it is defaulting to the correct machine name.
  • The path displayed under “Ran On Server” column is consistent with all the schedules.

Issue Clarification

The Web Server Monitor only reports anything if there are new servers to be detected, otherwise that is the default message. That means no new server has been added recently to be eligible for monitoring. 

To confirm the server being monitored is correct, execute the following steps to retrieve the server name from WebServers table:

1. Go to the SQL Console:

  • Control Bar > Host > Advanced Settings > SQL

2. Run the following query:

SELECT * FROM WebServers

Content Author: Giancarlo Mora




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