Microservices related content and features are not showing after moving servers


After moving servers, whether as part of an upgrade or otherwise, users may find that all content and features relating to or serviced by microservices are not showing. This includes Forms and Content Library amongst others. 



Root Cause

This is due to the microservices tenant ID falling out of sync with our servers. These IDs are unique to a specific server and if the DNN installation is moved, a new one is generated on the new environment.


We will need to make a tenant ID copy on our end to fix this issue. Please follow the steps to gather your tenant ID from the old and new servers and then open a support ticket with us here or email dnnsupport@dnnsoftware.com. In the support request, explain that you need a tenant ID copy to be completed. 

NOTE: Make sure to indicate which tenant ID is tied to the old instance and which is tied to the new instance.




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