Removing the URL culture code from the primary language of a site


By default, when setting up multiple languages in a DNN instance, culture codes are added on to the domain aliases based on the localization. This can be seen here: 


However, some customers may want to remove the culture code for the primary language of the site and keep it only for those pages that have been translated into secondary languages. 


Requirements: Admin access to the DNN instance

1. Log in to your DNN instance with admin credentials.

2. Go to Persona Bar > Settings > Site Settings.


3. Click on the Site Behavior tab and then the Site Aliases tab. 

4. Find the clean alias (the URL without any culture code) for the site and click on the pencil icon to edit. 


5. Use the Language drop-down to select the primary language for the site and then click on the Set Primary button. 


6. The following dialogue box will pop up, verifying the changes have been made. You will also see that there's a check mark indicating that the clean alias is the primary. 


7. Clear your cache

8. Validate the change by logging out of your DNN instance and refreshing your web browser. If successful, the URL should be the clean alias and not have any culture code until you click on a flag to switch the language of the site. 



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