Unable to set Votes Per Idea Equal to Votes Per User


When attempting to set the Total Votes per Idea value equal to the Total Votes per User in the Idea Module settings, the following error "Cannot have more votes per idea than max votes per user" appears and the module settings cannot be updated.

Version: DNN 9.2.0 and above.


The solution for this issue depends on the product version:

- Version 9.2.1:

- Version 9.2.0:

  • apply this workaround to enable correct module functioning:
    1. Edit the file /DesktopModules/DNNCorp/Ideas/Settings.ascx.
    2. Change a validation control in the file so that the module makes the comparison between fields as "greater or equal than" instead of just "greater than", in a place around line 19, as shown below:
      <asp:CompareValidator runat="server" ControlToCompare="ddlMaxVotesPerItem" ControlToValidate="ddlMaxVotesPerUser" Operator="GreaterThanEqual"
                  ValueToCompare="Value" Display="Dynamic" Type="Integer" resourcekey="MaxVotesPerUser.ErrorMessage" />
    3. Save the file.
      Note: this change might be overwritten in case of an update (reinstallation or upgrade) until the final fix is not made available.
    4. Clear the cache and access the Idea Module that was having the problem, to be able to properly configure it now. 
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