Disabling email notifications for content approval


When a content editor edits a page but does not submit it for review, they get an email notification. This article details how to disable email notifications being sent to users for a workflow state change.







In order to disable the email notifications for a specific state (Draft, Ready For Review and Published), you would need to set the sendNotification column to False which is 0 for boolean value in the ContentWorkflowStates table. This can only be done through the database, as there is no option in the UI. 

Note: To maintain best practices, make sure to backup your database before doing any change to it.

  • Go to Settings > SQL Console and execute the below script
UPDATE ContentWorkflowStates 
SET SendNotification = 0 
WHERE StateName = 'Desired_State
AND WorkflowID = (Select WorkflowID
                  FROM ContentWorkflows
                  WHERE WorkflowName = 'Content Approval'
                  AND PortalID = [PORTAL ID GOES HERE])

Once you run this script, you need to clear the cache.



To test that the notification has been disabled:

  1. Login any user with Edit permissions for a page.
  2. Make a change on the page.

You should not get an email notification for making a change on the page.





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