Hiding the default privacy page


DNN comes with a pre-built privacy page which can be found at <website>/privacy.


However, this privacy page is hard-coded and cannot be deleted like other pages in an instance. It is possible to remove the page by editing the database as well as .ascx files but this can possibly break other assets and pages in the process. The safest way to hide the privacy page is to create a redirect to another existing page. 


Requirements: Admin access to the DNN instance

1. Log in to your DNN instance with admin credentials.

2. Go to Persona Bar > Content > Pages.


3. Click on the Add Page button.

4. Select the Existing option from Page Type

5. Name the page "Privacy"

6. Select an existing page from the drop-down menu. 

7. Click on the Display in Menu toggle button to turn it Off.

8. Click on the Add Page button. 


The following message will confirm that the page was created successfully:


9. Clear the cache.

10. Validate that the redirect is in place by logging out of the DNN instance and then navigating to <website>/privacy. If successful, you'll be redirected to the page set in step 5




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