Finding the endpoint and the payload for usage on DNN Form Builder API + Get Form Responses


An administrator would like to create a custom form module and leverage the existing DNN Form Builder API endpoint in order to send a custom form payload to see how the DNN Form Visualizer is sending values.

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Create a form with all the necessary fields. Please refer to our Form Builder page for further information on how to create a form. The following image shows the form values inputted which will be retrieved at the end of this guide.form1.PNG
  2. Install Fiddler, or any Web Debugger application of your preference. This article will reference for illustrative purposes how to accomplish this using Fiddler.
  3. Start Fiddler.
  4. Submit the form with all fields completed.
  5. Review the POST request sent to in Fiddler, looking for the formId value. fiddler1.PNG
  6. Set up Fiddler to be able to decrypt HTTPS requests, by going to Tools > Options > HTTPS > Decrypt HTTPS Traffic > ...from browsers only.
    1. You might be requested to install a CA certificate for this.
  7. While still having Fiddler working, in DNN go to the Form's responses on Manage > Forms > yourform.
  8. In Fiddler, look for the GET HTTPS request to<formId> , which contains the 'authorization: Bearer' key, and copy its value. fiddler2.PNG
  9. Install Postman, or any API Development application of your preference. This article will reference for illustrative purposes how to accomplish this using Postman.
  10. Do a GET request to the following URL:<formId> , replacing <formId> with the one you got on step 5, and setting as Authorization type 'Bearer' specifying the value copied on step 8. postman1.PNG
  11. You will receive the form's responses in a json format. postman2.PNG

Content Contributors: Manuel Gonzales, Juan Albuja, Tony Lee.


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