Restore page icon is not showing


After navigating to Edit Page > Page History, customers are unable to see the restore icon restoreicon.png next to a previous version of the page.



Root Cause

This is due to pending edits to the page that will need to be published or discarded. If a page is actively being edited, then the restore button will not show up in the page history.

Please note that when performing any active changes on a Page; clicking the Discard button will discard the last published version of the page. If the page has not been published yet, clicking on Discard will discard the whole page as well. Pages should have at least been published once in order to not lose any prior published/saved changes.

If you want to discard the changes without losing the page while in Edit mode, just don't hit any button, neither Publish nor Discard. Just Refresh the site and you will lose all the active changes.


Either discard or publish the page edits using the buttons in the page edit menu. 


Once you've done that, validate that the restore option is available by navigating back to Edit Page > Page History. If successful, hovering over a page version will show the restore icon. 



Content Contributors: Manuel Gonzales, Xavier Villarroel




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