Setting a publish period for a module


Content or site managers may want to establish a length of time for a certain future module to be published and viewable on a DNN page; during a company promotional period, for instance. After this time-frame has passed, the module will no longer be available or visible to end-users.


Requirements: Admin access to the DNN portal

1. Log in to your DNN instance. 

2. Navigate to the page that has the module you would like to set up the publish period for. 

3. Click on the edit page icon at the lower left of the page. 

4. Hover over the module and click on the Admin icon.

5. Select Settings from the admin menu. 


6. In the module settings page that pops up, click on Advanced Settings to expand the section. 

7. Click on Start Date and End Date to open a calendar widget. Select the appropriate dates on the calendars.


8. Click on the Save button

9. Validate that the publish period has been applied by logging out and navigating to the page with the module. If successful, it will not be visible. When logged in as an admin, however, it will be visible on the page. 




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