User Name minimum size limit in DNN 9.2


Product Version: DNN 9.2.0 and above.

After upgrading to DNN version 9.2, it is not possible to create a user account with a name shorter than 5 characters in size. The attempt to save the user fails with the error message: The username specified is invalid. Please specify a valid username, as below:



DNN has introduced a minimum size limit of 5 characters to create a new user. That is unfortunately not a customizable feature, as it is hard-coded in the username validation procedure when managing accounts in DNN 9.2.0 and above. The following informational tooltip is shown when the mouse hovers over the field:

Note: There should not be a problem with usernames shorter than 5 characters when importing user accounts during the upgrade to DNN 9.2.0 and above. The new behavior is only enforced for the manual creation or updates to existing accounts.

Content Author: Ruben Gonzalez




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