Adding Menu Items to the Redactor Menu


The article details the process to add menu items (font size, center, insert media (youtube), insert file, etc.) to the redactor menu.


DNN 9.2.2


Developer account to add and edit modules.


The social modules in DNN have access to a limited version of the redactor module. General changes made to this module will not affect the redactor in the social modules ..\DesktopModules\DNNCorp\EvoqLibrary\ClientScripts\redactor\redactor.source.js

To modify changes in the social version of the redactor, we can adjust the following file entry in the file ..\DesktopModules\DNNCorp\SocialLibrary\ClientScripts\

You can trick the file into showing some additional entries, like alignment. Replace this line:

var buttons = settings.toolbar.split(',');

with this line:

var buttons = ["formatting","|","bold","italic","|","unorderedlist","orderedlist","outdent","indent","|","link","html","image","|","alignment"];

To insert video, currently there is no option available, but we can use the HTML code:

<iframe width="424" height="238" src="" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe>

No other options are available, and further modification would require an enhancement request.



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