Listing site files according to file type


Follow the steps below to create a report of files on your site that includes their file type and location. You can choose to exclude certain file types from this report. This is helpful when attempting to limit the number of standard DNN files returned by your search.

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Go to Host > SQL Console
  2. Run the following script:
    Select distinct Extension from files
  3. The query will return the different types of files that are in the Extension column, for example:

    ppt, ascx, xml, resources, ico, docx, xsd, avi, jpg, mov, pdf, template, jpeg, mpg, mp4, zip, xsl, css, ttf, woff, txt, mp3, gif, eot, html, wmv, msi, PPTX, svg, png.
  4. Run a query like the example below to list site files with their file types and locations, excluding files with certain extensions. This example excludes gif, jpg, css, png, and template files because those file formats are likely to include standard DNN files.
    select FileName, Extension, Folder from files
    where extension not in ('gif',
  5. Click the Export to Excel/CSV button to save the query results. You can then sort or filter the exported spreadsheet as desired.



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