Popups not loading correctly due to missing style


Popups appear greyed out in the screen and are loading all the way down in the page. Users need to zoom out in the browser in order to handle the information in the popup. 


The root cause for this issue is related to a missing style on the page skin, since popups need to know what the height is to be loaded in the middle of the page.

The issue can be resolved by following the steps below to include the missing entries in the skin.css file:

  1. Go to Persona Bar > Manage > Themes and identify the current theme being used in the site page. 
  2. Look for the master skin.css file associated with the theme in the file system, under: /Portals/_default/skin/[SKIN NAME]
  3. Add the following entry in the file:
    html, body, #Form { height: 100%;}
  4. Proceed with one of the following options to make the new skin in effect:
    • Clear the browser's cache to load the new version of the CSS file.
    • Increment the file version to force all clients to get the updated file version.
  5. Reload the popup in the browser to confirm it is loading correctly now.

Content Author: Manuel Gonzales



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