Customizing Login Modules


To make features more relevant to your site's users, you may want to customize elements of your login page.



  • Environments DNN 9 and above



For example, if a majority of your users have registered on your site using their Facebook credentials, you could modify the login page to make it more relevant to them. For example, you could set the default login to Facebook and then change the text that appears on the default login tab from "Standard" to "Facebook".




  1. In the Persona Bar, select Site Settings.
  2. On the Site Settings page, click the Translate Resource File icon.
    NOTE: The Translate Resource Icon is represented as a Chinese character and is located next to the gear icon.
  3. Click the Resource File drop-down and navigate to the login.ascx resource file using this path: Local Resources > DesktopModules > Authentication Services > DNN > APP_LocalResources > Login.ascx

  4. You are provided with the default and localized values for each resource name. Edit the localized values for the resources that you want to customize. For example, if you want the text on the default login tab to read as "Hello World" edit the Localized Value field that corresponds to the Title.Text resource name and type "Hello World".
    By editing the localized version of the login module we can customize much more than just the login name.
  5. After you have finished making all required edits, click Save Translations To File to save changes.



The changes made to the login module will be visible on the login page.


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    Li Wang

    It seemed not working after modification. Not sure what went wrong

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