Missing pages after an export


An administrator has exported their site; however, they are facing an issue with missing several missing pages (particularly all children pages).


DNN version 9.2.0 and below.

Root cause

This issue was being caused by a known defect due to DNN being unable to export any children pages that had a larger TabID than their associated parent page. The issue occurs whether the export is being run under as full or differential.


The issue was considered a defect (DNN-18210) and it has been fixed on DNN version 9.2.1 and above.

For all other versions, 9.2.0 and below, the workaround below has been put in place for successful export of both parent and children pages. Please make sure you perform this steps as an Administrator user:

  1. Download the attached file (DotNetNuke.SiteExportImport.dll.zip).
  2. Unzip the file.
  3. Paste it to the root or bin directory.
  4. Click on Save.
  5. Perform the export/import procedure once again.


Both parent and children pages should be successfully exported.


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Content Contributor: Manuel Gonzales





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