Scheduler not Running


In case you are experiencing any kind of issues with scheduler - confirm that the following configuration is applied.



  1. These instructions are for DNN version 9+. Configuration is applicable for previous versions too. 
  2. You need to log in as a host user.


  1. Log in as a host user.
  2. Click Settings in Persona Bar.
  3. Click Scheduler.
  4. Click Scheduler Tab.
  5. Click Edit button against scheduler in question.
    • For a single server environment - verify that Servers text field is blank. The Scheduler will detect the server automatically.
    • For a web farm environment - input specific webhead name (server) the scheduler needs to run on.
    • You can check which servers are currently enabled on your site in Settings > Servers > Server Settings > Web Servers


Confirmation: Confirm if the issue has been fixed in case of configuration update.



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