Submit Button is missing after the changes made


The user has 3 workflows as Editor > Approver > Final Approver; every time the editor makes the changes the approver receives the notification email, however after they log in they the website shows the changes but the submit button does not appear.


DNN 9.1.1


Root Cause

An excessive amount of issues with the Search indexer locking the file.


Prerequisites: The user must have SuperUser rights.

1. Log into the site as a SuperUser.

2. Go to the Persona Bar > Settings > Scheduler.


3. Click on the Scheduled Tasks tab.


Scroll down to the Search tasks;

  • Search for: Site Crawler
  • Search for: File Crawler
  • Search for: URL Crawler
  • Click on the Edit button (pencil icon) for each task listed above.

4. Go down to the Web Server value and paste in one of the Web Server names, only. Example: SERVER1,

You may find the server by going to Persona Bar > Settings > Servers > Server Setting tab

5. Click on Update, when it is done.

6. Go to Persona Bar > Servers > Clear Cache & Restart Application.

Confirmation: The submit button will be displaying.




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