Removing Standard/Default Cavalier Skin


Sometimes DNN customers may want to remove the default Cavalier skin from their DNN instances.

This article provides an answer to the query: Is it possible to remove the standard or default Cavalier skin, layouts, and containers in a safe way and to leave other skins available?



  • There are some articles contributed by community members detailing some steps to follow in order to remove the default Cavalier skin and the relevant layouts/containers. However, it is not recommended to remove the default Cavalier skin and its layouts/containers.
  • The reason behind is that this default skin is used in troubleshooting many issues and verifying whether the DNN software works as expected or not.
  • It is also used in investigating some Upgrade issues experienced by customers.
  • If the default skin is removed, then this will prevent DNN Support from troubleshooting many issues and hence, the Support would not be able to support customers and indicate whether it is an issue with DNN or with the third-party skins/containers/integrations.



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