Installing DAM module on Evoq 9.2.0


With the depreciation of the DAM module in the versions of 9.x, there is no default functionality that will allow users to list the contents of any folder on any given page. To be able to use this functionality, reinstallation of the old Digital Assets Management module is needed.


DNN 9.2.0



Root cause:

This option is currently not possible neither by using the Assets folder nor any of DNN functionalities in 9.2.0.


1. Re-Upload the Digital Assets Module (DAM) that was deprecated with versions 9.x;

  • Download the attached file ( archive and extract it locally.
  • Install the extracted as an extension onto your site.
  • Copy the 5 DLL files to your site's bin folder in the root of the DNN site.
  • Move the DigitalAssets folder to your DesktopModules folder: DesktopModules\DigitalAssets folder.
  • Replace any files when prompted.
  • Go to DNN in the browser > Persona Bar > Servers > Clear Cache & Restart the Application

2. Add the module to the page. Set the root folder for the module to the folder, where you want users to see and specify if child folders and files should be visible or not.


Confirmation: When the user adds the DAM module to the page it will load without any errors.






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