Mapping custom roles to Persona bar permissions


When you create a custom role, it will have very limited default access to Persona Bar items such as Settings and Assets. If you want to give your custom role access to more of the Persona Bar, you can do so using a SQL script.



  • DNN and Evoq versions 9+

To fix this, you will need:



  1. Download the Personabar-Roles-Permissions.sql file attached to this article. This will help you to give specific persona-bar permissions to a role.
  2. You can add your desired Role Name, Portal ID, Parent and Child Menu identifiers. The SQL script should detail where you can find the desired value for the input parameters.

This has to be run using the SQL Console or the SQL Server Management Studio on the SQL Server and after this has been run, you need to clear the server cache.

Please keep in mind that this is a workaround and that there are some menus that have been hardcoded to only be accessible for the default roles. This means that even though your user can access the menu, you will not be able to execute certain actions inside the menu.



To test that the script was successful:

  1. Log in with the user in the custom role you have modified.
  2. Try to access the Persona Bar menu that you have provided access to.

You should be able to access the menu with your custom role.






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