Tracking subscribed group members

Overview: This article you will learn where the subscription records are stored in the database and how you can use it to build custom scripts to meet your needs.

Example: Track how many group members have subscribed to updates on their group's Activity page

Step-By-Step Guide:

1. Go to SQL Server Management Studio

2.Navigate to your DNN database

Additional Info: The database table, where the information for the Social Groups subscriptions is stored is CoreMessaging_Subscriptions.

3.Execute below query

SELECT * FROM [dbo].[CoreMessaging_Subscriptions]

4. To find the information on the subscriptions, go to the ObjectKey column in this table.

Entry for Group subscriptions would look like the information below;

gid=1010;cid=1270;uid=1  where;

  • Gid is the Group ID from the Roles table (SELECT * FROM Roles WHERE RoleName = 'group_name')
  • Cid is the ContentItemID from the ContentItems table.
  • Uid is the UserID from the Users table.

Confirmation: The query executed at step 3 will return the results for the Groups you currently have on the site.



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