Customizing Registration Form Fields in Version 9.0+


DNN comes with a default registration form with certain fields pre-defined and available for account creation. Oftentimes, customers will want to gather more information at account registration. The following steps will help in changing the form fields.



Admin access to the desired DNN portal.



  1. Log in to your DNN instance.
  2. Go to Persona Bar > Settings > Security.



  3. Click on the Member Accounts tab and then the Registration Settings sub-tab. 
  4. Set Registration Form Type to Custom
  5. In the Registration Fields box, start typing the name of the desired field. Autocomplete will bring up relevant suggestions. Once you find the field you want, hit Enter. You may then start searching for the next, adding each field by hitting Enter again.




    Note: A full list of available registration fields can be found at Persona Bar > Settings > Site Settings > Site Behavior > User Profiles.


    An email address is required for account creation so that needs to be one of the registration fields. 


  6. Once done setting the fields, press the Save button. 



Navigate to the Account Registration page. You should see the custom form fields defined if successful.  



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