Adding an existing module adds extra modules

Issue: If the client using a custom skin and adds an existing module from another page, it moves the content.

Environment: DNN/9.1.1

RootCause: This is a known for version 9.1.1

Solution: There are two solutions below;

Solution 1:

  1. Go to Portals>_default\Skins
  2. Replace the Custom Skins statements from  <%=SkinPath %>
     to this <%#SkinPath %>.

Solution 2:

  • Upgrade DNN 9.1.1 to DNN 9.2.0. The issue has been fixed at DNN 9.2.0.



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    Alexander Lunin

    The description is not clear. 


    1. Go to Portals>_default\Skins - is it a folder? 
    2. Custom Skins - is it a file, or inside a file? Which one?
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