Default Workflow for all Folders within Assets


Setting a default workflow for all the folders within assets on a Portal can be accomplished using SQL.



Site administrators.


Step-By-Step Guide

  1. Click Site Settings in Persona Bar.
  2. Copy portalID value from the Home Directory text field on the Site info tab.
  3. Connect to DNN database using SQL Management Studio or using built-in Query Engine.
  4. Run query
    SELECT * FROM ContentWorkflows WHERE PortalID = ##PortalID

    replacing ##PortalID value with an ID from the Site Settings.

  5. Copy WorkFlowID value from the query output.
  6. Run query
    UPDATE Folders SET WorkflowID = ##WorkflowID WHERE PortalID = ##PortalID

    replacing ##WorkflowID and ##PortalID values with the values you have copied above.

  7. Run IIS Manager.
  8. Click Application Pools.
  9. Right-click on your application pool.
  10. Click Recycle...



Confirmation: Verify that the default workflow has been successfully applied.



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